What is the average turnaround time for an O&E report?

Metro area residential O&E's have a goal of 2-4 hours and commercial O&E's  have a goal of 24 hours.  It is important to note, however, that some days may have slight delays do to county public auctions.  Also, mountain county O&E's are subject to property data availability.

I already paid off a mortgage but you are still requiring a release. What do you need to delete the requirement?

When you pay off a loan, the lender is required by statute to record the release in a timely manner.  When insuring a transaction, we require the recordation of releases for any loan that is not released.  Under some circumstances we may be able to delete the requirement with the following documentation:

A copy of your credit report and a signed HUD-1 Settlement Statement from a closing that paid off the previous loan.

If the loan was a Line of Credit, a letter from the lender stating that the loan is paid in full and that the account is closed.

Please contact your closer for additional information.

Water rights

Excerpt from the State Water Resources website:

For over 125 years, the Colorado Division of Water Resources has been empowered to administer all water rights according to the Appropriation Doctrine (in short, 1st in time, 1st in right). Most of this work is done by Division Offices located in the seven major river basins of the state. These offices employ water commissioners to ensure the priority system is followed, enforcing the decrees and water laws of the State of Colorado. The Colorado Ground Water Law of 1957 established the permitting requirement of ground water wells, and by 1969, surface and ground water rights were administered together.
Whether water is used simply to drink from your household tap or to irrigate hundreds of acres of cropland, everyone in Colorado benefits from the orderly distribution and management of the state’s most precious resource. For more information, read the Guide to Well Permits, Water Rights, and Water Administration, as well as the Synopsis of Colorado Water Law, and visit the links below.  For information on Ground Water Administration and Well Permitting, please see our Ground Water section.  For assistance in finding data or purchasing publications, please see our Records Research section.

Our commitments do not insure water rights.  We will often include an exception showing a Water Deed, but only because we discovered it in the public record.  Water right documents are not required to be recorded with the Clerk and Recorder, and we do not have access to the records.

For this reason we direct inquiries about water rights to the following:

HC Peck & Associates - 303-623-6112
Division of Water – 303-866-3581
Ask a Question (DWR)

How do I get copies of documents shown in the commitment?

If you received your commitment via email all of the recorded documents are hyperlinked  in the body of the email.   We can also provide hard copies of any documents listed in the commitment at no additional charge.  If you experience any problem with opening the hyperlinks or would like to receive hard copies instead, please reference the FOR TITLE ASSISTANCE area of the commitment to find the telephone number or email address for this request.

Can I get a reissue rate if the last title insurance was a refinance?

Yes. Title insurance on a prior transaction, whether sale or refinance, can serve as the basis for a reissue (discounted) title premium.  We review recorded documents in the chain to determine if a reissue rate is applicable, but sometimes are unable to tell if a transaction was insured.  We ask for evidence of title insurance, in the form of the policy issued, to revise the rate.  In many counties the only rates available for new refinance transactions are bundled rates.

What is a C-1 Endorsement?

A C-1 Endorsement is a written endorsement showing only the conveyances in the past 24 months.  The C-1 Endorsement will show “NONE” if the most recent deed falls was recorded more than 24 months ago.

Where is my chain of title? (versus a C1 -chain of title- endorsement)

We provide copies of documents composing the 24 month chain of title with all of our title products.  The documents making up this chain of title are linked in the Commitment Summary in the body of the email.  Find the OWNERSHIP section and the dates of the conveyances serve as hyperlinks to those documents.  This chain of title includes the most recent vesting deed, even if that deeds was recorded more than 24 months ago.

Can you send me the title search on this property instead of a report or commitment?

We cannot distribute the raw data from a title search.  However, we may have a product available that will meet your needs.  Please contact your sales representative or our Customer Response Department. if you would like to discuss a request a research project.  The fee for a research project is $125 per hour plus the cost per document.  Electronic documents are $2 each, hard copies are $4 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page.