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Introducing the Land Title Marketing Solutions website

Please pardon the fact that this month’s Topic of the Month is a little bit of shameless self-promotion. Well, we’re not exactly promoting ourselves, but we do want to share our new website, LandTitleMarketingSolutions, the new gathering place for our clients where we’ll post all of our marketing products, plus exclusive marketing tips written by our very own Land Title sales reps.
This is information you won’t find anywhere else on the web, and it’s all in one convenient location for Land Title customers, groupies and groupie wannabes. Even if you don’t know and love us, we’ll still share.

Save, Print, Share
The best thing about our site? Well, you choose. It could be our 24/7 access, so you can spend your days with clients and do your marketing in the evenings. (Hey, we can be a fun date!)

Or it could be the fact that you can download our monthly Positive Perspective or Referral Marketing to your desktop to print or email to your clients. No need to wait for your sales rep to receive your request, or for the marketing department to open at 8 in the morning.

But we think our sharing feature is particularly cool. If you mouse over the “share” button at the bottom of any article or feature, you’ll be able to post it to your Facebook page, Tweet it, or publish on LinkedIn, Blogger, and more. Valuable content, no brain damage. Who could ask for anything more?

Marketing Tools
All of our Premier Client Services marketing templates for Realtors are featured on our website, making it easy for you to select your product and place your order. When you select the Marketing Tools tab at the top of the page, you can view templates for Just Listed and Sold postcards, Listing Flyers, Referral Marketing postcards, and more. Once you select the template you like, you can email your property photos and the template number directly to our marketing department ( and we’ll email a proof to you within 48 hours!

You can also place orders online for FarmPaks and HomeBooks.

Ideas and Articles
In case you haven’t noticed before, Land Title sales reps are an endless source of information, with each sales rep having areas of specialized expertise. By pooling all of these resources into one location, we've made it easy for you to tap into your own sales rep’s ideas plus glean a few tips from the others while you’re here. Our knowledge is your knowledge — it’s like having two dozen marketing gurus on speed dial.

Here are some of the articles you’ll find:

The Power of Knowing Your Market — for Sellers: I don’t believe in taking a shotgun approach to real estate. Instead, I believe a hard look at the numbers will show you exactly where you should take your business in order to be most successful. In the same way, Realtors can use the same numbers to take the mystery and emotion out of pricing a home — and help clients set realistic expectations. The biggest challenge Realtors face in Colorado today is helping sellers overcome what the national media is saying about real estate. Many home sellers are under the impression that the market is tanking all around them, and yet there are lots of selling opportunities in Colorado when you look at the numbers. The data can help you handle these objections. It can also help you set appropriate expectations with sellers… [Read full article…]

Open House Tips: When you’re planning an open house, your number one goal is to sell a house. Your second goal is to extend your reach to neighbors. This includes gathering information for future marketing and introducing yourself so they’ll begin to think of your as the local expert and information source. Neighbors are the ideal prospects, especially in your local farm area. And if you’re going to be spending your afternoon at an open house, why not maximize your time? Here is my best open house suggestion for my real estate clients… [Read full article…]

Maximize Your Farming, Piggyback on Something Popular, and Stretch Your Marketing Dollar: When you think of Bed Bath & Beyond, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Almost everyone I pose that question to says the same thing: Coupons! So, how does this apply to farming? Simple: You know that somewhere in your house, right now, you’ve saved at least one Bed Bath & Beyond coupon for future use. Let’s face it. When you send out a mailer to market your real estate services, the reality is, unless the recipients are in the tiny minority of people getting ready to sell or buy a home, that postcard you slaved over designing, labeling, and mailing is probably going to end up in the trash. However, if you could manage to make your postcard valuable enough to be kept… [Read full article…]

Referral Marketing
Did you inadvertently hit the delete key on the Referral Marketing mailer your sales rep sent last week? Want to peruse ideas from last year for your upcoming email campaign? At, you can grab this month’s mailer — or browse through our archives for another if you’re not feeling the love.

Our Land Title account mangers are listed on our site. Click on their photo to access their email address and phone number.

You’ll also find our Contract Date Guide, real estate marketing stats, social media and Facebook tips, and more.

Be one of the first to put our website to the test, and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your suggestions for article topics and other information you’d find useful!

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