Put Your Trust in the Best

Land Title Guarantee Company is the largest locally-owned and operated title agency in Colorado with more than 50 offices spanning the State. Since 1967, we deliver unsurpassed transaction experiences for home buyers and sellers, real estate agents, lenders, financial institutions, attorneys and developers.

With Land Title, you’ll partner with closing agents and title examiners who know Colorado real estate laws, customs, and markets inside and out.

We are committed to thorough record searches and secure handling of your money and information. You will receive accurate and on-time processing of your transaction by the best people in the industry.

Local Colorado

50+ offices statewide

50,000+ successful closings a year

54 years of industry experience

Founder Bill Vollbracht started Land Title in 1967 with an unwavering focus on customer service, employee satisfaction, and dedication to Colorado and its communities. These commitments remain true today and are woven into our daily work ethos.

Executive Team

Chairman of the Board
Vice Chairman of the Board
Senior Vice President - Western Colorado Operations
Senior Vice President - Title Operations
Senior Vice President - Sales & Marketing
Senior Vice President - Closing Operations
Vice President - Finance & Accounting
Vice President - General Counsel

Proudly Serving Colorado Since 1967

Our Core Values

Our core values are principles that guide our actions and serve as the cultural cornerstones.
When you work with Land Title, you can expect these core values to be present in everything we do.


  • We continually seek out new ideas and solutions.
  • We challenge assumptions.
  • We embrace change and continuous improvement.
  • We strive to be the best.


  • We do whatever it takes.
  • We are results-oriented.
  • We consistently accomplish important and impactful work. We never, never, never give up.


  • We exercise good judgment and common sense in doing the right thing.
  • We do what we say we will.
  • We take ownership of our actions and their outcomes.
  • We hold ourselves accountable.


  • We believe in the importance of serving others.
  • We put team achievement before our own.
  • We are more concerned with results than who gets credit.
  • We follow the Golden Rule.


  • We tell the truth.
  • We only say things about others we would say in their presence.
  • We say what we mean and mean what we say.
  • We are courageous and respectful in sharing our thoughts and feelings.


Your funds and personal information are safe, secure and insured.