March 30, 2020
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Introducing Land Title’s innovative solution for
convenient, safe closings during the COVID-19 crisis
Virtual Mail-Out (VMO) Closing™

The daily – if not hourly – evolution of our business continues today as the Governor of Colorado just released an Executive Order temporarily suspending the requirement that persons physically appear in front of a notary in order for a document to be notarized. The Executive Order is in direct response to our requests of the Governor to enable our industry to conduct closing and settlement services without putting any customer, consumer or Land Title employee in an unsafe or unhealthy environment.

Beginning Monday, March 30th, Land Title will be able to conduct Virtual Mail-Out (VMO) closings without requiring closing participants to physically appear in front of our closing staff. In preparation for this significant (temporary) change to notarial law, Land Title developed its own proprietary closing experience by combining our existing mail-out closing processes with enterprise-level, secure video conferencing technology. The result is a virtual closing experience for our residential purchase and residential refinance customers that reduces the time commitment for consumers, maintains a professional, private notarization and offers a safer, healthier closing experience for everyone involved.

Given the technology requirements and the additional time required to mail-out the necessary loan and closing documents, there are a number of pre-requisites associated with our Virtual Mail-Out closings:

Lender Qualifications (both required):

  1. A mortgage lender that allows early signing and does not require signing on the same day as the closing; and
  2. A mortgage lender willing to provide complete, accurate loan documents and a balanced Closing Disclosure no less than four (4) days prior to the scheduled closing date.

Technical Requirements (all three):

  1. A valid email address; and
  2. One out of the three following devices with audio and video capabilities:
    1. A personal computer (PC) or Mac with a webcam;
    2. A tablet or portable, laptop computer with a built-in device camera; or
    3. An Apple or Android smartphone;
  3. One of the following two applications installed on your device:
    1. A web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari; or
    2. A mobile application (app) called Google Hangouts Meet available from Apple’s App Store or Android’s Play Store.

Although Land Title is prepared to offer VMO closings on all transactions beginning Monday, the acceptance by a mortgage lender and the amount of advanced notice required by lenders to provide loan documents and figures may limit the ability to use VMO immediately. If you are interested in conducting your closing through our proprietary Virtual Mail-Out closing experience, please contact your Land Title closer or sales representative, and we will coordinate with your lender.

In addition to our VMO closing experience, Land Title also contracted with two of the top Remote Online Notary (RON) software providers – Notarize and Pavaso – for those residential purchase and refinance transactions involving lenders that participate in the MERS national eVault and eNote programs. Please contact your lender(s) to determine if they participate in these programs, and if so, please communicate the details to your Land Title closer so that we can close using the appropriate software program.

Thank you for your continued trust in Land Title. Please be safe and healthy.