Construction Loan Disbursement

Ensure your draws are processed accurately, efficiently and professionally with our full-time construction disbursement team.
The entire draw request is completed in approximately 5 business days.
  • Initial draw processing is completed within 48 hours.
  • Documents are sent for Lender approval with 24 hours of the title update.
  • The Lender wires the approved proceeds to Land Title for funding (based on Lender’s time-frame).
  • Funds are then disbursed the same day the Lender advances funds to Land Title.

Documents Required to Issue Mechanic’s Lien Endorsement*
Residential Property
  • Loan application or financial statements for the borrow and each guarantor of the loan
  • Cost breakdown
  • “As proposed” appraisal
  • Execution of company’s indemnity agreement by the lender, borrower(s), and guarantor(s) if applicable
Commercial Property
  • Loan applications or financial statements for the borrower and each guarantor of the loan
  • Construction contract
  • Construction loan agreement from the lender
  • Cost breakdown
  • “As proposed” appraisal
  • Copy of the bond, if project will bonded
  • Execution of the company’s indemnity agreement by the lender, borrower(s), and guarantor(s) if applicable

* See Endorsement 101
**Additional requirements may be added after review of the documents listed

Mechanic’s Lien Endorsement including Construction Loan Disbursement Fees
For Residential and Commercial Construction
  • $1150 all-inclusive flat fee***

***The mechanic’s lien protection isn’t provided with Endorsement 122

Documents Executed at Closing
  • Construction Disbursing Agreement. The lender draws a contract with Land Title to act as the disbursing agent, and the borrower(s) and lender agree to resolve any mechanic’s lien recorded during construction.
  • Disburser’s Notice. Land Title records and executes this document after the Deed of Trust.
  • Contractor’s Indemnity Agreement. If applicable, this will secure the contractor’s pledge to resolve any mechanic’s liens recorded during construction.

Please send draw requests to
For further information, contact the Construction Loan Disbursements Department:
Gary Cellar – Manager
Direct: 303-850-4137