Current Business Status (COVID-19)

Last updated 07.20.2020 at 8:10 am

Land Title is fully operational, accepting orders and closing transactions in all of our markets and counties.

Customers will have the option of choosing between Curbside Closings, Healthy In-office Closings or Virtual Mail-Out (VMO)™ closings.
Please Note:
Face masks are required for entry into any of our 50+ office locations

In compliance with the statewide executive mandate, face coverings are required throughout Colorado for entry into any public facility. When visiting our offices, please keep your face covering on throughout the duration of your visit.

Office Consolidations

Location Statuses
Eagle - New Temporary Location
The Eagle office is temporarily located at a new address for office construction. Visit us at:

1143 Capitol Street Suite 2A
Eagle, Colorado 81631

Please call us at 970-949-5099 with any questions.

Contact-Free Closings

Options Include
Curbside Closings at a Land Title Location
  • When possible, in order to limit the amount of time in the vehicle room, the closing package will be sent to the consumer(s) via secure email prior to the appointment with an option to schedule a phone appointment for an explanation of the documents.
  • File will be organized with “sign here” or signing stickers throughout closing package.
  • Consumer(s) arrives in vehicle - calls Notary to announce their arrival based on instructions.
  • Consumer(s) takes a picture of their photo ID and emails/texts the Notary.
  • Notary delivers document and pens in an envelope through the window.
  • Could stand outside the consumer’s vehicle.
  • In inclement weather, the Notary could return inside the building.
  • Notary verifies ID through the window.
  • Notary explains documents via cell phone if needed (unless phone explanation already occurred).
  • Consumer(s) returns executed documents and cashier’s check (if applicable) to Notary in envelope through the window.
  • Notary quickly reviews signatures and lets consumer(s) know they can leave.
Virtual Mail-Out (VMO)™ Closings

A Virtual Mail-Out (VMO)™ Closing is a combination of e-signature technology, traditional mailing-out of physical documents, and secure video conferencing for notary acknowledgement. VMO meets the requirements of a Remote Ink Notarization (RIN).

1. We use our e-signature platform to electronically sign all Land Title documents that do not require notarization.

2. We use express mail (overnight delivery or email) to send all documents that can not be e-signed or need a notary to the seller, buyer or borrower (4-5 days) before the closing date.

3. We then schedule a time for a Land Title Closer to describe closing documents via secure video conferencing.

4. Next, we utilize secure video conferencing to acknowledge the notary process needed to complete the signing portion of the closing.

5. Finally, the documents are returned to Land Title by the signing parties. Once received we will complete the file disbursement and
e-record with the appropriate county Clerk and Recorder. As part of the disbursement process, we will email copies of final documents
to the appropriate parties.

More information about our VMO closing process

Earnest Money Options

Options Include
Wire Funds to Land Title - Preferred

Please reach out to your local Land Title office to receive Land Title wire instructions. Work with your bank to initiate and send a wire for the amount of the earnest deposit. Let us know when the wire has been sent and once we have received it, we will generate an earnest money receipt.

Mobile App - Preferred
Land Title has partnered with Earnnest. Earnnest is an app that allows you to send your earnest money electronically to Land Title. Rather than writing and delivering a paper check, you can complete the entire earnest money process in just a couple of minutes on your phone. Earnnest uses the 256-bit AES encryption standard chosen by financial institutions and the U.S. government. This standard is the most advanced and secure encryption algorithm. Contact your Land Title sales rep for more information.

Earnnest FAQ for Real Estate Agents.
Earnnest FAQ for Buyers.
Office Drop off

With the current status of COVID-19 this is our least recommended option at this time, however it can still be an option. Please contact your local Land Title office or your sales rep for more information on how we can complete this request.

Current Closing Options Include: