Land Title Guarantee Company


Land Title Guarantee Company has a dedicated Lender Operations Center focused on Mortgage Company, Bank and Credit Union lending in the state of Colorado. Our team of professionals has been working with this segment of the market since 1967. We understand the specific details which lead to a successful loan closing. We bring operational excellence and provide business development strategies designed to help our clients build their business.


  • Experienced representatives provide production and operational support
  • Industry statistics and trends available upon request
  • Interactive website gives Lenders access to title documents and updates throughout process
  • Full understanding of all aspects of the lending industry
  • Local connections throughout the industry
  • Professional involvement: Member of CMLA.


  • GFE Rate Calculator - get a free written quote for title fees
  • Competitive rates paired with local title examining and underwriting
  • Dedicated Customer Response team to assist with title matters during the transaction
  • Full range of informational and insurance products for 1st position financing and junior loans
  • Timely issuance of title policies and post-policy customer service
  • TMX - track status of the file and access uploaded documents


  • Our team is available during the entire transaction as closings occur in any of our 50 plus offices, or a location convenient for the lender and borrower (*additional costs may apply based on locations out of the general metro area, please contact your closing office for additional information).
  • A relationship focused department that allows a specific team to work with a client consistently.
  • The ability to expand and contract based on volumes in order to handle your business at any given point.
  • Works closely with lender sales to build a solid foundation answering the lender needs and customizing lender requests.
  • A knowledgeable pool of presenters available for travel for the convenience of the lender and borrower, provided in the general metro area.
  • All presenters are provided up-to-date training based on changes in the market and lending environment.
  • Land Title has relationships with statewide or out-of-state notaries in case a mail out is necessary. Please contact your closing office for additional information.

Additional Value Added Services

  • Business Development tools focused on Realtor, Builder, Commercial Lending and Database Marketing
  • Market Statistics for all major Colorado markets, Top 50 Lender Reports, Foreclosure Reports
  • Recent Sales, Market Values and Comparables
  • Construction Disbursement services
  • 1031 Exchange Department
  • Land Title Marketing Solutions Listing Flyers, Postcards, Lead Generation Tools and Other Marketing Services.

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