Virtual Mail-Out (VMO)™ Closing for Lenders

A Virtual Mail-Out (VMO)™ Closing is a combination of e-signature technology, traditional mailing-out of physical documents, and secure video conferencing to identify the signer, and for the notary to watch the signer physically sign the documents.

1. We use our e-signature platform to electronically sign all Land Title documents that do not require notarization.

2. We use express mail (overnight delivery or email) to send all documents that can not be e-signed or need a notary to the seller, buyer or borrower (4-5 days) before the closing date.

3. We then schedule a time for a Land Title Closer to describe closing documents via secure video conferencing.

4. Next, we utilize secure video conferencing for the Notary Public to identify the signer so they may complete the signing portion of the closing.

5. Finally, the documents are returned to Land Title by the signing parties. Once received we will complete the file disbursement and
e-record with the appropriate county Clerk and Recorder. As part of the disbursement process, we will email copies of final documents
to the appropriate parties.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Land Title's Virtual Mail-Out Closing?
Think of VMO as a temporary solution to the statewide Stay at Home Executive Order, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. With the Order issued, the Colorado Secretary of State has temporarily removed the requirement of physical presence during a notarial act.

What VMO is not
  • Not related to Remote Online Notary closings
  • VMO does not require or comply with eNote rules or guidance
What VMO is
  1. Unique approach to the traditional mail-out process allowing borrowers to sign virtually with a Land Title employee
  2. High-level process
    • Lender and Land Title coordinate distribution of documents
    • Land Title overnights the closing package to the borrower
    • Land Title schedules and completes the VMO closing through secure audio-video technology
    • Borrower overnights closing package back to Land Title
    • Land Title funds and disburses the file
With a VMO closing what are the minimal requirements based on the Colorado Secretary of State Temporary Notary Program Rules 8CCR 1505-11?
  • Your borrower MUST be located in the State of Colorado when they are signing
  • The Notary MUST be currently commissioned in the State of Colorado
  • Your borrower MUST be able to access a Google Meet meeting
  • Your borrower MUST consent to the meeting being recorded
  • All notarized lender documents MUST include the following in the notarial certificate:
    "This notarial act was performed using audio-visual technology"
What’s important to understand about lender documents?
  1. Document Dates
    • As with any mail-out, coordinating the document dates with your Land Title closing team is critical.
  2. The Notarial Certificate
    • 8 CCR 1505-11 requires the addition of the following to all notarized documents:
      "This notarial act was performed using audio-visual technology"
My borrower and I understand these requirements and want to utilize Virtual Mail-out (VMO). What should I do?
Please contact your Land Title Closing Manager as soon as you know your borrower can not attend a Curbside Closing. Our closing staff will contact your borrower to review the process and schedule the virtual closing.
What should my borrower expect during the Virtual Mail-Out meeting?
Ideally, this should feel like a typical closing just performed virtually via a video meeting. Once your borrower joins the scheduled virtual closing, one of our experienced notaries will do the following:
  • Verify your borrower's identity
  • Ask your borrower’s permission to record them executing the documents requiring notarization
  • Review your loan documents and guide your borrowers to sign and initial appropriately
  • Answer any questions your borrowers have during the meeting
  • Explain the process of returning all the documents to us
How soon should the final closing package be available for Land Title to send to your borrower?
Four days allow enough time to overnight the package, complete the virtual closing, overnight the package back and a day to perform our disbursing and funding processes.
Does the signer (seller, buyer or borrower) need to be in Colorado for the notarization?
Yes, a Notary Public may only perform a remote notarization for a remotely located individual who is located in the state of Colorado.
Technical requirements:
1. A valid email address; and
2. One out of the three following devices with audio and video capabilities:
  • A personal computer (PC) or Mac with a webcam;
  • A tablet or portable laptop computer with a built-in device camera; or
  • An Apple or Android smartphone;
3. One of the following two applications installed on your device: