Affordable housing development.

Affordable Housing

Every successful Affordable Housing development runs parallel to our focus on serving the people and communities of Colorado. 

We Are Committed to Affordable Housing

Since 1967, Land Title is committed to serving our communities in which we work and live. We’ve watched affordability become one of Colorado’s greatest challenges and are on a mission to do all that we can to help close the housing gap. Our offices and employees span the state – ranging from cities to rural towns – and each successful affordable development is unique and important. To that end, our dedicated and specialized Affordable Housing team works to benefit the interests of the stakeholders that bring these important projects to life.

Most importantly, our relationships with three of the nation’s strongest underwriters gives us unparalleled flexibility and agility

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We Simplify the Complex

Affordable Housing developments are among the most complex transactions we handle. With many parties involved, as well as diverse capital stacks and unexpected delays and obstacles, staying true to a target closing date can be a challenge. That is where our specialized Affordable Housing team steps in. By providing consistent communication, timely responses and creative solutions we help keep projects on track.

  • From land acquisition, loan closing, construction period to final completion, Land Title maintains a diligent focus on cost controls, risk mitigation and timelines.
  • Our unique, customized onboarding process captures every critical element, ensuring a smooth transaction experience.

Recent Affordable Housing Projects

We’ve had the honor of working with many of Colorado’s leading housing authorities and affordable housing developers. Below is a sampling of some of our recent transactions: