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Land Title’s settlement services, accounting practices, and data security are ALTA certified.

The American Land Title Association (ALTA) created best practices to help title companies protect real estate professionals, lenders, and consumers.

The 7 Pillars of ALTA Best Practices:

  1. Licensing. Keep title insurance and settlement services license(s) up to date.
  2. Accounting. Establish electronic verification of reconciliation policies for Escrow Trust Accounts to follow.
  3. Personal information. Protect non-public personal information as required by local, state, and federal law with written and electronic guidelines.
  4. Compliant settlement procedures. Stay in compliance with Federal and State Consumer Financial Laws in relation to the Settlement process.
  5. Title policy delivery. Determine the process to quickly and efficiently produce, deliver, and report title policies and premium reporting and remittance.
  6. Insurance liability. Maintain liability insurance and fidelity coverage.
  7. Consumer complaints responsiveness. Create steps for resolving consumer complaints.

For more information, read the ALTA Best Practices guide.