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Drafting Better Additional Provisions

Are you tired of using generic contracts that don’t adequately protect your clients’ interests? This class will teach you how to draft additional provisions that can help you negotiate better deals, protect your clients, and avoid legal issues.

Some contingencies:

· Fit one buyer, but not another

· Work for a buyer but not the seller

· Fit the seller’s needs but not the buyer’s

· Are more complicated than just using the blanks in the State contract to achieve the same goal.

Learn how to:

1. Identify situations where additional provisions and addenda help your client and avoid situations where they hurt.

2. Evaluate the language other brokers present to you.

3. Choose or draft your own additional provisions.

3 CE Credits
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Drafting Better Additional Provisions

About Your Instructor

Jon Goodman
Jon Goodman has been a real estate attorney in Colorado for over twenty-five years, he is a shareholder at Frascona, Joiner, Goodman and Greenstein P.C., and has been since 1994. Jon has published hundreds of real estate articles and is a frequent speaker on dozens of topics for the real estate industry. Clients include mortgage lenders (banks, savings and loans, mortgage companies), real estate brokers and salespersons, real estate companies, developers, property management companies, builders, subcontractors, suppliers, buyers and sellers. As an experienced real estate attorney, Jon has been quoted in various publications including, the Wall Street Journal, the Denver Post, and the Rocky Mountain News.