Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Title & Closing Documents
I already paid off a mortgage but you are still requiring a release. What do you need to delete the requirement?

When you pay off a loan, the lender has to record the release of your mortgage in a timely manner. And we require information for any loan that is not released. Under some circumstances, we may be able to delete this requirement with:

  • a copy of your credit report and a signed HUD-1 Settlement Statement from a closing that paid off the previous loan
  • if the loan was a line of credit, a letter from the lender stating that the loan is paid in full and that the account is closed

Please contact your closer for more information.

How do I get copies of documents shown in the commitment?

If you received your commitment via email, you can find links to all the recorded documents there. We can also give you hard copies of the documents at no additional charge. To request hard copies, contact the TITLE ASSISTANCE phone number or email address listed in your commitment.

Where is my chain of title?

In the Commitment Summary of the email is an OWNERSHIP section with the dates of the conveyances showing the 24-month chain of title. Each date links to a document. This chain of title includes the most recent vesting deed, even if that deed was recorded more than 24 months ago.

What is a C-1 Endorsement?

A C-1 Endorsement is a written endorsement showing only the conveyances in the past 24 months. The C-1 Endorsement will show “NONE” if the most recent deed was recorded more than 24 months ago.

Can I get a reissue rate if the last title insurance was a refinance?

Yes. We review recorded documents in the chain to determine if a reissue (discounted) rate is applicable, but sometimes we’re unable to tell if a transaction was insured. We ask for evidence of title insurance, in the form of the policy issued, to revise the rate. In many counties, the only rates available for new refinance transactions are bundled rates.

O&E Reports
What does an Ownership and Encumbrance (O&E) report include?

An O&E report includes:

  • the owner's name(s)
  • a legal description
  • a name search for liens, judgments, and any unreleased loans

The O&E report is not insurance or a title examination.

Title & Property Searches
Can you send me the title search on a property instead of a report or commitment?

We can’t give you the raw data from a title search. Contact your sales representative or our Customer Response Department to request a research project. The fee for a research project is $125 per hour plus the cost per document. Electronic documents are $2 each. Hard copies are $4 for the first page and $.50 for each additional page.

How can I find out about the easements affecting a property?

For information about easements, please order a Property Information Binder (or a TBD Commitment if there is a pending transaction). Note that an O&E report does not provide enough research to locate easements.

What's the best day to schedule a closing?

For the best experience, plan to close earlier in the month or mid-week. The highest volume of closings are on Fridays and the end of the month.

Water Rights
I need to know about water rights. Where can I get information?

Our commitments do not insure water rights. We will include an exception showing a Water Deed if we discovered it in the public record. However, water right documents aren’t required to be recorded with the Clerk and Recorder, and we do not have access to the records.

To ask about water rights, contact:

  • HC Peck & Associates: 303-623-6112
  • Colorado Division of Water Resources: 303-866-3581
  • Ask DWR