ComDocPro: Association Document Procurement

ComDocPro: Association Document Procurement


ComDocPro (Community Document Procurement) is an Association Documents provider for the real estate industry. ComDocPro offers a full service option and a DIY option.

How it Works
Full Service:

After an order is submitted to Land Title, the closing team places an order with ComDocPro to begin the process of researching the needed documents and information.

  • Once the research is complete, an estimate of fees is sent to the customer.
  • There is a 24 hour cancellation period following the receipt of the estimate.
  • The team will then process the order, track and follow up with documents that are needed. All documents received will be delivered by the contract deadline.
  • A delivery email will be sent to the seller, listing agent, buyer, and buyer’s agent
  • The team will include a checklist of all obtained documents with individual hyperlinks.
  • The checklist also includes documents they were unable to obtain with notes in an effort to be
    transparent throughout the process.
  • The service fee and all Association Fees were pre-paid by ComDocPro and will be collected at the closing.

Do It Yourself:
The Do It Yourself option is a cost-effective way to independently obtain the required Association
Documents. The following flyers and information can be provided:

  • HOA contact info
  • Checklists
  • Tip sheet

Why Choose ComDocPro

  • Seasoned Team: Since 2019, ComDocPro solely specializes in the procurement of Association Documents, working closely with HOAs across the state.
  • Direct Integration with Land Title’s TPS (Title Production Software): ComDocPro is integrated with Land Title’s production software Settlor, which means that every aspect of the transaction is seamless and synchronized.
  • Comprehensive Communication: ComDocPro extends multiple touch points throughout the order process, ensuring transparency and disclosure at every step.
  • Thorough Document Review: ComDocPro reviews all management company-provided documents for completeness and relevance, providing customers with a checklist outlining each document. Other services may not offer this additional review.
  • Consumer-Friendly Payment System: ComDocPro pays for fees and documents upfront and only collects fees during the closing process. This process facilitates simplified financial accounting for consumers. In contrast, most competitors require payment at the time of order entry.
  • Single Service Charge: ComDocPro only has one service charge per transaction, even if the initial order is canceled. If a file cancels and a new order is needed, ComDocPro reuses as many documents as possible to save time and money.
  • Do It Yourself Option: Customers can use the DIY option to obtain HOA contact information, a checklist of required Association Documents, along with tips on best practices for retrieving documents, empowering them to handle the process independently.
  • Flexible Turnaround Times: The team will always work to accommodate customer timelines and strives to meet the deadlines outlined in the real estate contract. Some competitors have hard turnaround dates no matter the customer’s timeline.

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