Prepare your Home for the Spring Selling Market

Prepare your Home for the Spring Selling Market

Prepare your Home for the Spring Selling Market

Spring is here and many homeowners are considering putting their home on the market. What will make their homes stand out from others in the neighborhood? Here are a few tips on simple items that can be done to increase the appeal of the home for future buyers.

Curb appeal

The first thing a buyer sees is the front of the home. An ill-kept yard can create a negative opinion of a home. Make sure to trim all trees and bushes so the front of the home can be seen.

Other suggestions include:

  • Pressure wash the driveway, front walk, outside of the home and patio
  • Add colorful flowers near the front door
  • Clean the windows inside and out
  • If you add mulch, add it a few days before an open house so the smell is not as strong.
  • Clean and paint the front door. Buyers often linger in front of the door and it’s the first impression of the home.
  • Clean the roof and gutters.
Interior touches

Make the interior of the home seem light and airy by doing some simple touches throughout the home. Clean the drapes, linens and blinds. Open the windows during an open house. Bring in fresh cut flowers for a pleasant smell. Polish floors and clean all carpets. Add light colors throughout the home with towels, throws and pillows.

Pare down on possessions

Eliminate some of the clutter in a home to give the impression of extra space. Put extra items in storage or donate unneeded items. Having only a few items in a closet makes it appear much larger.


Doing a few upgrades around the home before putting it out on the market could add extra dollars and generate more interest in the home. Upgrading appliances in the kitchen such as the refrigerator or stove can add extra appeal to a kitchen. Repairing and restoring finishes throughout the home or purchasing higher quality finishes can make a big difference as well. Adding new door handles to kitchen cabinets is another inexpensive option to update a kitchen.

Pre-inspection repairs

Get ahead of the game and fix things that may come up in an inspection. Nip any potential problems – from outdated electrical wiring to pest infestations. Make sure to service your air conditioner and have your water heater and furnace serviced if needed.

Backyard updates

Just as your front yard makes a big impression to potential buyers as they drive by your home, the back yard is also another impactful area that many consider an additional entertaining space. Remove extra clutter in the backyard and replace any outdated or damaged furniture. Also, make sure to paint your deck if needed or repair any cracked concrete that may be noticeable.


When pricing your home for potential buyers, it is important to do your research and find out the pricing of other homes and/or recent sales in your neighborhood. Find out the recent features or upgrades that are being showcased in these homes to see how your home compares.