When Does a Title Company Typically Require a Survey or ILC?

When Does a Title Company Typically Require a Survey or ILC?

There are a few circumstances when a survey or ILC (Improvement Location Certificate) will be called for as a requirement to issue a title insurance policy:

Significant Renovation or New Construction

  • If the home is being flipped, we would likely require an ILC to ensure that the new home conforms to the building envelope or setback lines relevant to the property.

OEC (Owners Extended Coverage)

  • If an OEC is being purchased, we may require a survey in order to identify certain exceptions, including boundary issues.
  • If there is no survey coverage being offered on the property, a title company will not require a survey.

Large Acreage

  • The typical rule is that 5 acres or more requires a survey.
  • Fence lines can cause boundary issues that can be extensive or expensive to fix.

Unusual Terrain

  • If the property is mountainous, hilly, or contains bodies of water, then a survey may be necessary as these features may be used as boundaries and can shift over time.

Complicated Legal Descriptions

  • If the legal description is metes & bounds, rather than a simple lot, block, subdivision, we may require a survey to confirm the property boundaries.

Most Commercial Properties

Vacant, Unplanted Lots

  • A Land Survey Plat may be required.

Areas with Known Issues

  • Prior boundary/survey claims on a subject or neighboring properties.
  • In older communities with known, consistent issues (happens sometimes in older towns established through mining claims, etc),

Please note: Do not rely upon Title Company Requirements when making the decision about recommending a survey. There are many instances in which a survey could be critical to avoiding problems for the buyer post-closing, but there will be no title company requirement.