You Choose

As a buyer or seller, you choose your real estate agent, lender, moving company, and more - but did you know that you also have the right to choose your title company?

Questions to ask when selecting your title company:


1. Is my money safe?

What you see in the news is true: people do lose money as a result of a title company’s incompetence.

When handling your funds, what kinds of procedures does the title company have in place? How do they balance escrows? If you’re a real estate professional and recommending a title company, why should your client wire their money to this company if you wouldn’t?
As a real estate professional, exercise your fiduciary duty by taking measures of “reasonable care and diligence” by:

  • Ensuring that the company has an escrow and accounting department
  • Asking others for recommendations
Land Title's answer:

Land Title's funds protection measures allow buyers and sellers to experience peace of mind. All escrow accounts are reconciled daily, all wire transfers go through dual authorization and approval, and bank-issued electronic security measures are used to generate unique passwords for every transaction.

Land Title carries $10,000,000 in fidelity coverage and $4,000,000 in errors and omissions insurance.

2. Is my investment protected?

The financial strength of underwriters is an important tool to determine if your investment is protected. The stronger an underwriter’s financial strength is, the better their claims-paying ability.

When researching the financial strength of an underwriter, consider:

  • Independent rating companies, such as Demotech, Inc.
  • Asking your title company any questions about their underwriter(s)
Land Title's answer:

Land Title partners with the most financially stable underwriters in the country so you can rest assured your investment is protected. We also undergo independent, third-party audits to ensure our practices are industry-standard.

Land Title's four underwriters are Land Title Insurance Corporation, Old Republic Title, First American Title Insurance Company, and Fidelity National Title. Land Title also maintains Unsurpassed Financial Stability Ratings® from Demotech, Inc..

3. Is my title company a neutral third party?

Some title and closing companies are owned by lenders, real estate firms, or builders – which can create a conflict of interest.

When considering an affiliated title company, be sure to ask:

  • Is this affiliated title company providing industry-standard services?
  • Are their rates competitive?
Land Title's answer

At Land Title, we believe that all parties deserve an independent and unbiased title company. We don't have any affiliated business arrangements with any real estate, lending, or builder firms.

Land Title is an independent title insurance and closing services company that believes in providing exceptional service to everyone throughout the transaction.

4. In addition to the premium you quoted me, what are your other fees and charges?

Title companies are required by law to file rates with the Division of Insurance that can’t be discounted. A red flag to look for when title company shopping  is if their insurance premium is significantly lower than the market rate.

Notably lower rates could backfire on a buyer or seller because:

  • This could indicate a lack of experience, flawed financial and accounting processes, poor title searches and examinations, or an insufficient source for property data
  • The cost difference is often made up in charging extra for electronic delivery fees, overnight courier fees, release tracking fees, wire fees, and other charges
Land Title's answer
We believe in disclosing our rates up front...

For the most accurate rate information, please use Land Title's residential rate calculator or lender rate calculator.

To obtain a printed version of Land Title's rate information, please contact your sales representative.

5. Do you conduct thorough title searches and report all exceptions?

Title companies are required to perform a “reasonable examination” on every transaction, and also provide the consumer with the recorded documents for each exception.

Detailed title searches and exception reports are important because:

  • Real estate professionals keeping their clients’ best interest in mind wouldn’t advise them to accept a title commitment that doesn’t specify documents affecting the property
  • Some title companies exist solely to sell policies and pocket premiums from the transaction without performing a thorough search and examination of the property – despite the requirement for title insurance providers to follow industry regulations on a national and state level
Land Title's answer

Getting the little things right is big at Land Title. We perform a careful search on every property to ensure accurate real estate records. We use Linked Commitment Delivery system, an exclusive Land Title-developed technology, to list all exceptions by name and provide supporting documentation online.

We are also a member of SKLD, Colorado's trusted property records database, to pull property records from. Land Title builds and maintains title plants in counties unavailable in SKLD, and spends about $1,000,000 annually to maintain accurate real estate records.

6. Are you locally owned and operated?

Many nationally owned and operated title companies outsource their title commitment and portions of the closing process overseas, are less informed about local laws and regulations, and have a longer response time.

Consider partnering with a locally owned and operated title company like Land Title because:

  • Local title companies have a deeper knowledge and understanding of state laws and customs
  • Response times are quicker and more accurate
  • You support the local economy by doing business with a Colorado company
Land Title's answer

Land Title knows and understands Colorado real estate laws, customs, and markets like it's our own backyard - because it is. 100% of our work is done locally, so we respond more quickly.

With over 50 offices statewide and 700+ employees, we offer big company stability with a small firm's personal service. Land Title is also committed to Colorado, supporting many local charities and events.

7. Does your company follow the title industry’s best practices?

The American Land Title Association (ALTA) created seven best practices to hold title companies accountable while also protecting lenders and consumers.

Ask if your title company follows ALTA’s seven best practices because:

  • The best practices cover all aspects of the title industry including settlement services, accounting practices, and data security
  • While it’s not mandatory, these best practices are designed to ensure lender and consumer transactions are protected and safe, and that a title company’s products and services are delivered properly
Land Title's answer

Land Title is ALTA certified. We continually improve our processes, systems, and products and services to maintain compliance with ALTA's best practices and exceed customer expectations.