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For Sale by Owner

Selling your home yourself? No problem. We have a team dedicated to FSBO transactions and can seamlessly assist you from listing to closing.

FSBO Title & Closing Services

Real estate professionals have industry knowledge, marketing expertise, and negotiating skills to help you sell your property. However, if you’ve decided to list as a For Sale By Owner, Land Title can smoothly and securely assist you throughout the transaction.

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Selling Your Home

Preparing to list your home For Sale By Owner requires patience and dedication. Pricing your home, seeking professional consulting services, and marketing your home are all steps to consider during this phase of the FSBO transaction. Calculate your closing costs and home equity with Land Title’s customizable rate quote and net sheet services.

Under Contract

Some common documents used in a FSBO transaction include an ownership and encumbrance (O&E report), the title commitmenta property survey, and other real estate forms. Land Title can act as the holding agent for earnest money (or good faith funds) during a transaction when parties enter into an escrow agreement.

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Learn more about what to bring and expect at your closing here. View Land Title’s office map to find the closing office nearest you. Land Title works to close your transaction about 30 days after the contract is accepted.

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Land Title’s For Sale By Owner (FSBO) title and closing services are offered throughout the state of Colorado for markets including but not limited to metro Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Grand Junction, Vail, Pueblo and Colorado Springs. Land Title’s FSBO services range from title insurance, closing arrangements, the holding of earnest money, and our 50 conveniently located offices throughout Colorado. Our other FSBO offerings include our industry-leading closing staff, customized rate quotes and seller net sheets, and Ownership and Encumbrance (O&E) Reports.

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