Why refinance with Land Title?

Refinancing your home should go as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Land Title works with your lender to achieve this through a quick and streamlined experience. Contact our Refi Group today to learn more.
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Preparing for a refinance closing

  • Communicate openly. Your lender may contact you about any outstanding requirements or conditions. Be sure to contact Land Title or your lender directly for any additional questions or concerns during this process.
  • Come prepared. Compile any loan account information available, as well as the last four digits of your Social Security Number in case this information is required. (Note: there are other areas in addition to the payoffs that may be requested from you)
  • Review statements. In the case that courtesy payments or debts unrelated to the property are being paid out of the closing, full account information and accurate statements will be requested. Confirm that you have the most recent statements to attach to your payment check. Land Title is not liable for late fee costs incurred in such cases.
  • Confirm payments. “Good Funds” are any funds over $500 due at the closing, required to be in the form of a cashier’s check payable to yourself to endorse over or to Land Title Guarantee Company. Money orders are not an acceptable form of payment or good funds.
  • Refinancing your principal residence. Federal law allows you to cancel the transaction within three days of signing the documents if you are refinancing your principal residence. No money will be disbursed until this time has passed.

Refi Closing

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Closing Agent, Lender Group
Closing Agent, Lender Group

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